SoapMaker Purchase Refund Policy

Under normal circumstances, we do not offer refunds since there is no way for you to 'return' the downloaded program or your license code. The program's capabilities are clearly indicated in the features list, and the guided tour. If you need assistance to familiarize yourself with all it's features, we are happy to help.

However, if after purchasing SoapMaker you find it does not perform as advertised, or you experience a problem installing or running it which we are unable to help you resolve, you may request a refund using the form below (all fields must be entered).

NOTE: If you demand a refund without just cause, we reserve the right to retain 10% of the purchase amount to cover bank and administrative costs.

Refund Request Form:

Order number from your receipt:  

Your reason for requesting a refund:

Please indicate your agreement to the following conditions by checking the box below:

  1. I have discussed my problem or concern with SoapMaker Support
    and allowed a reasonable interval to resolve it.
  2. I agree to delete all copies of the downloaded SoapMaker installer program, and to uninstall SoapMaker from my computer.

  I have read, and agree to the above conditions.

Your full name:  
(as shown on your receipt)

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Please see How to uninstall SoapMaker.