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SoapMaker Editions

Upgrade from Lite Edition to Professional...

Turn on all the business features:

Inventory Control:

  • Monitors stock quantities and value of Supplies and Products
  • Adjusts automatically when you buy supplies, and make or sell products
  • Low stock warning reminds you to order more supplies
  • Shopping List shows additional supplies you will need for planned recipes

Invoices and sales records:

  • Create professional looking invoices automatically from your sales records
  • Maintain a customer list
  • See your actual profit margin for each sale

Business Reports:

  • Invoices (showing paid or unpaid)
  • Sales History (who bought which products when)
  • Supply Usage (products made with a specific ingredient and lot #)
  • Income & Tax Summary (helps in preparing income and sales tax returns)

Other Pro features:

  • Product photo gallery
  • Create custom blends or infusions to use in your recipes
Feature comparison...

Upgrade from SoapMaker 3 Lite:


US or CDN currency

From V2 Pro: $49.00
From V2 Lite: $79.00

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