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SoapMaker 2.x Support

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If you are still using version 2.x of SoapMaker, please note that technical support for that old version has been discontinued, and program updates are no longer available.

Also note that there are known problems with SoapMaker 2 running on newer versions of Windows. We recommend taking advantage of our special price to upgrade to SoapMaker version 3.

If you want to keep using the old version, and have replaced or repaired your computer and reinstalled SoapMaker 2, you will need to re-register it by clicking the Re-Register tab above.

If you have a problem or question, please try the following:

  1. Check your SoapMaker Help menu for answers.
  2. Click the Knowledge Base tab above - there's a good chance your question has already been answered.

Or maybe this is a good time to move up to SoapMaker 3 which has many improvements and new features! Click here for special upgrade prices...

SoapMaker 3
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