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What's New in SoapMaker 3? (compared with Version 2)

Just about everything! - With a new look, and many new features and improvements, SoapMaker 3 is easier to use and more capable than ever.

A New Look



MyProducts (Pro edition)

Recipe Form

The recipe form has been extensively reworked to provide a less cluttered task-oriented interface.

There is now virtually no limit to the number of ingredients in a recipe. The recipe form adds more rows as you need them.

The following features make the recipe form easier to use:

Separate pages with tabs are provided for each ingredient type, and other recipe features:

Other recipe features:

Resize Recipe

New options are available for resizing a recipe. You can now resize to:

When you resize a recipe, SoapMaker 3 always opens a copy for resizing, so the original recipe is unchanged.

The New Mold dialog window now provides the option for you to select the type of mold, enter mold dimensions and have the volume calculated for you.


The Predicted Soap Qualities Graph has a new look with 3D colored bars. The new Auto-scale option will scale the graph to accommodate the largest value instead of always scaling to the maximum of 10.

The graph window now indicates the name of your current benchmark recipe.

When several recipes are displayed on the graph, you can see the numbers for a particular recipe by moving your mouse over one of the colored bars.

The graph can now be printed.


A new Print Preview option is available whenever you print a recipe, an invoice, or one of the list reports.

When printing a recipe, you can choose whether to include the quality numbers, fatty acid composition, notes and INCI code list.

Batches (Pro edition)

Shopping List tool (Pro edition)

This new production planning tool determines what supplies you need to purchase to make planned recipes.


The new MyPreferences form includes many new options, and is organized by recipe type, so you can specify different default values for each type.

On a Recipe form, the Options page allows you to override the defaults you have set in MyPreferences, and if you like you can save the recipe options as new defaults for all recipes of the same type without having to open MyPreferences.

Supplier and Customer lists

You can maintain lists of your Suppliers and, with the Pro edition, your Customers and sales venues, and record contact information.

When recording supply purchases or product sales, you enter the Supplier or Customer Name by selecting it from a drop-down list.

Taxes (Pro edition)

SoapMaker provides several features to assist you in tracking sales tax or value-added tax, as well as revenue and inventory totals for your income tax return.

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