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SoapMaker FREE

Soap calculator and recipe organizer

includes sample recipes, and PROFESSIONAL edition examples and demonstrations

Recipe Ingredients

  • Choose from more than 80 base oils included (and add your own custom oils)
  • Automatic Lye calculation for sodium hydroxide and/or potassium hydroxide
  • Include ingredients like scents, colors, etc. in your recipes
  • Enter ingredients using any units, with automatic conversion

Recipe Creation and Organization

  • Predicted soap qualities:
    • Hardness
    • Moisturizing
    • Fluffy and Stable Lather
  • Compare recipes using the Qualities Graph
  • Save and organize your recipes in your own database
  • Print recipes, and export ingredient lists to make labels
  • Easily copy a basic recipe to add custom scents or colors


If you later decide to purchase SoapMaker LITE or PROFESSIONAL, all your recipes and ingredients will automatically be available.

FREE edition example screen shots

Compare features   Download SoapMaker FREE Download SoapMaker FREE

NOTE: When you run the downloaded SoapMaker installer you may see a message saying...
Windows prevented an unathorized app from starting!
If you see this message, click the More Info link and then click Run Anyway.

NOTE: To download and install SoapMaker,
you must be using a Windows computer!