What users say about SoapMaker...

Still in love with my SM3 after 10 years!

SB - North Carolina, USA

This is the best software for a soapmaker and cosmetic crafter.
I love my SM3 and have no idea what I would I do without it!

DK - Ontario, Canada

Can't go for a day without using SM3. Best thing I ever bought for my business.

PH - Michigan, USA

I wanted to let you know that I love Soapmaker Pro and rely on it heavily. Thanks for putting together such wonderful software!

TB - Pennsylvania, USA

I bought SoapMaker3 Professional as a download from your Web site and I love it. The cost-tracking and inventory control functions, resizing calculator, fragrance calculator, and lye calculator are so useful that I don't know how I ever managed to run my business without them. The ability to "test" a recipe before making it is a real time and money saver.

I have been a computer user for about 30 years or so, and I must tell you that for function, design, ease of use, and reliability, Soapmaker 3 is one of the best programs I have ever used. Thank you very much for producing this program, and please keep up the good work.

MC - Alberta, Canada

This tool has been such a blessing. I regret not investing my time in it sooner.

VP - Pennsylvania, USA

I find that I depend on my SoapMaker software so much and can't conceive being without it. It has helped me to formulate a better bar of soap. I can't imagine a beginner soapmaker not using it as a guide.

DH - New York, USA

I do want to say I love your program and sing it's praises every single opportunity I get. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this fantastic and understandable program. I use it for shampoo bars, mineral makeup, tracking supplies, you name it. I just love it and I just love you for creating it.

NL - Michigan, USA

Love this program SO MUCH - cannot thank you enough for all the work you have put into it! My little soap business is doing very well, thanks in no small part to you!

TR - Ontario, Canada

If I had to name one thing that helped my business the most, it would be SoapMaker. Without your software my business would have never even gotten off the ground. Knowing now how helpful it is, I would pay hundreds of dollars more for your software - it has helped me to become profitable, and to keep a close eye on costs.

HS - Michigan, USA

A couple of weeks ago I bought SoapMaker3, wow what a great tool! You have done a fantastic job on this piece of software and I am delighted. As a software engineer - my hat is off to you.

DM - New York, USA

I just had to let you know that this program is more than I could have imagined. Everything you could want is right here and it is going to be so helpful when I start to do my inventory for income tax.

PM - Ontario, Canada

I must let you know how much I enjoy using the SoapMaker program! It has made our business a lot more efficient.

NA - New South Wales, Australia

This software is the best! I've been using it everyday since I bought it 3 months ago, and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this product. It is so does everything! Thanks for designing such a great product!

TD - Virginia, USA

I want to let you know what an asset to our company your program is. It makes life so easy for us - from creating to invoicing. (I love how it allocates all the shipping and discounts - wow). Thank you for all the hard work and thought that went into creating this for all of us.

MS - Texas, USA

I find SoapMaker 3 awesome! It is everything you need for making soap, lotions or anything else. I love it especially for resizing, and telling me how much a recipe will make and all the costs involved. SoapMaker 3 seems to cover everything that a soapmaker in business would need. Besides being able to keep track of supplies and products ready for sale by batch, I can keep track of who I bought what from and when. Also making customer invoices in the same program is handy!

I use this program every day for creating new soaps or blends. I have bought many programs over the years and this one is by far the most useful, combining different tools instead of me having to buy more programs to do all the separate things I need to do for my business.

PJ - British Columbia, Canada

I have used many programs in my business and I have found overall this program to be the most comprehensive and easiest to use, having features that other programs lack. Not only is the program well worth the cost, but the customer service has proven excellent as well. I personally would not be without this program!

CC - Idaho, USA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my soapmaker program! Saves me time and money, worth every penny. The shopping cart feature helps me plan and budget my purchases. I just enter the number of batches for each soap then print the list of what I need to order. I don't order too much or too little.

LAC - Georgia USA

A superb tool for my fledgling natural skin care and soapmaking business. I highly recommend SoapMaker to all who make soap, and natural skin care, either a hobby, or as a business. SoapMaker has given me the tools to automate the making of my products, track important information for suppliers, batches made and products sold, providing a level of quality control that I never had before. And most importantly, this frees up my time so I can be more creative with my products- vital in to day's discerning marketplace.

I thank the creator of SoapMaker, for his ingenuity, generosity and vision. Give it a go. You will love all it can do for you.

NG - Vic. Australia

SoapMaker 3 is amazing! This program is so robust, there are more features which make trying to run a business easier and more efficient. Thank you!

JA - Pennsylvania, USA

If you've never used SoapMaker, you don't know what you are missing! Keep all of your recipes (soap and non-soap) in one area, keep track of inventory and create new goodies easily! I wouldn't trade my SoapMaker for anything (not even a Tank!)

LB - Oregon, USA

I luv luv luv SoapMaker. I have been using it since it's inception and it has made my life and business easier

SD - Colorado, USA

I'd like to say what a brilliant piece of software this is. It just makes my life so much easier, I can't begin to tell you. And on those rare occasions when I have needed to contact SoapMaker support to clarify a point of use of the system, you have replied extremely quickly and comprehensively. Thanks so much!

GO - Bolton, UK

After years of using SoapMaker 2 I never thought it could be made better. But you have done the impossible and come up with a whole new program packed full of new and great features in SoapMaker 3. I look forward to using some of these new tools to improve my products and business. Thank You for a job well done.

RVH - Arkansas, USA

This product will give you the means to take your soap making from a hobby to a full blown business, without the need of any other software on your computer, it does it all from creating recipes, to keeping track of supplies and stock as well as orders from suppliers to invoices for customers.

CAM - New South Wales, Australia

SoapMaker is a lifesaver - especially at the end of the year for inventorying for tax purposes.

CLG - Texas, USA

SoapMaker has helped me immensely in so many ways. I now know the precise cost for my ingredients and finished products, making costing out product both wholesale and retail accurate. Knowing, at a glance, my inventory of both ingredients and finished product takes so much stress out of my business life! Thank you, SoapMaker!

SJ - Washington state, USA

This is the greatest tool for a soapmaker! It allows me to keep great records and helps me become more creative in my recipes. I love the program! Thanks!!

GLH - Louisiana, USA

This is one of the most valuable tools of the trade. I am able to formulate, adjust recipes and then evaluate my soap recipe for performance in no time. All without even making a test batch of the recipe, which is a huge money and time savings. Thank you so much.

LT - Colorado, USA

This is the only program you'll ever need! I only wish that other programs that I use for other interests were as concise as this!

PVR - Wisconsin, USA

I think SoapMaker is the most brilliant program for anyone that makes soap, bath and body products and candles. It have some absolutely ingenious features, and the customer service is amazing. I am only sorry I did not have SoapMaker when I first started out.

VS - West Australia

SoapMaker3 is an invaluable program for the serious soap maker. If you are considering a soap making business, I highly recommend this program. It will help you not only in recipe creation but also in cost analysis, inventory, invoicing, and most importantly, it enables you to see exactly how much your soap cost to produce!

S.T. - California, USA

If you are trying to decide what one product you need to track orders, inventory and formulas this is it!

BAS - Michigan, USA

I've been using SoapMaker now for years, and I can't imagine soaping without it. To have all my supplies organized in one place, to know when I'm running low on something, to see what I spend on a given batch and how much a raw ingredient costs months after I forgot I even had it... invaluable!

SoapMaker3 is EVEN BETTER than the tried and true version I loved before. You shouldn't soap without this program - there is nothing on the market remotely close to it!

HS - Florida, USA

is definitely worth the price and more! No 'free' soap calculator gives you this many features.

JZ - Minnesota, USA

LOVE THE PROGRAMME. Who ever thought making soap could be SO simple! Sometimes I want to just sit and create recipes and play with SoapMaker rather than making up the soap. I can now concentrate on my business and not spend so much time checking my figures. SoapMaker is BRILLIANT.

OFH - KZN South Africa

I can't even start to tell you how this program has helped me. Support is very quick to answer any questions that you have and helps in any way possible. If you have been considering buying a product like this one, you have come to the right spot. I have had this program for a couple of years now, and it is great that recipes and all can be kept and just a click of the mouse, know your inventory, recipes and anything else that you need to make wonderful products!

RKH - South Carolina, USA

This program is absolutely invaluable to anyone who is making and selling any bath and body products. A+ and double thumbs-up!

TC - Oregon, USA

I can use any recipe and modify it according to my needs with absolute confidence. I can look at the graph before making the batch to see if changes need to be made regarding the fluffy lather, the hardness, the stability of lather as well as the moisturizing qualities of the bar. With SoapMaker, I can change the oils with confidence to create 'my bar'. I also use the software a lot to resize recipes for different molds. I would not want to be without it!

VR - Texas, USA

We couldn't manage without this program for our soap, candles and skincare buisness!! Thank You.

DF - Manchester, UK

This newest version is light years beyond the version before it. It has so many more features and covers such a varied product line from solid soap to liquid, lotions, creams, lip balms and more. I love the report generating features and the shopping list is awesome. Anyone who is making soaps, lotions or other potions NEEDS this software, it will make your 'paper keeping' so much easier, you can just focus on creating the best products ever!

CR - Oregon, USA

This is 'one stop' software! I can create and resize formulas based on a good variety of information, keep track of inventories and calculate costs. Thanks to SoapMaker, I can keep much of the information that we need to run the company in one place.

DT - Washington state, USA

Amazing software, the perfect partner whether you are a soap maker professionally or enjoy it as a hobby!

CLO- Tennessee, US

It is all a soaper would ever need for calculations and recipe creation. Fantastic.

PJK - Wisconsin, USA

Extremely useful for soap makers! Easy to use program that keeps track of inventory, supplies and sales. I love the versatility and the ability to get it to do what I need done.

ER - Minnesota, USA

This is the best soapmaking software that I've seen or could imagine. Not only can you save are reprint recipes and tweak until the values you like are there, you can maintain inventory, customer base and create other than soap recipes all in one place! The bar graph that allows you to compare recipes is a very valuable tool.

CTC - Arizona, USA

Great product and must have for any soapmaker. I would be lost without this program as it has helped keep all my recipes and cost of production all in one place.

JM - Texas, USA

SoapMaker has made making and maintaining my soap hobby very easy. I have tried to create my own program to do this and can not come close to what you have done. SoapMaker just flows.

GM - Wisconsin, USA

An outstanding product, I have relied on it for years and now it is even better, and useful for a variety of production venues.

NW - Missouri, USA

Thank you for an EXCELLENT product and the very best in customer service!

SSL - Oregon, USA

This is an essential program for any business in the Handcrafted Body Care Industry. To produce products, market them and administer a small business in today's world, you need tools. Without them you will find yourself overworked and under paid. SoapMaker will eliminate mistakes, time and money.

RJ - Indiana, USA

I use SoapMaker almost daily, it has become my most valuable piece of soap making equipment.

AA - Arizona, USA

Love the program - it is vital to my business. How much I appreciate all you have done to give us such a wonderful program! And the support is awesome.

LN - Arizona, USA

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your program. I just registered today and I've never been more happy after registering a program. It's just a wonderful tool all around. Many thanks for all your hard work!!!

KB - Florida, USA

I can't say enough great things about the SoapMaker program. It is wonderful! It is worth every penny. Thanks for creating such a terrific application and then sharing it with all of us for an incredibly low price.

LR - Indiana, USA

I LOVE the SoapMaker program and have recommended it to others. Don't ever get rid of the graphs - I really appreciate being able to see what even small ingredient changes will do to my soap!

JZ - North Carolina, USA

I simply love the program. It's raised soaping to a whole new level!

LC - Georgia, USA

SoapMaker is an excellent programme, I don't know what I would do without it now - I particularly like the benchmark comparison, it really helps to know what your bar of soap is going to be like before making it.

MP - Australia

Opened this and have been playing all morning - that's enough to convince me to buy this FABULOUS program!!! It's fantastic - kudos to Jason for his inventory control features!! I would buy it for this alone!!

LB - Illinois, USA

LOVE the SoapMaker!!!'ve developed a terrific tool for running my soaping business. I feel SoapMaker will be invaluable for both the soaper that is running a business as well as the hobbyist who wants to keep an eye on spending.

KS - Michigan, USA

I love the way it keeps track of product and inventory as you make batches. Wonderful!!!

LF - Washington state, USA

It's excellent! I will definitely refer new soapmakers to purchase; it is a vital piece of my soap making puzzle.

RB - New Jersey, USA

How did you read my mind? The inventory control features, the cost calculator, the conversion calculator!!! I've been dying for these things! Also the graph that shows how the quality of the soap changes with different ingredients is invaluable. There is no other program like this anywhere.

  • No more wasting expensive oils experimenting with recipes.

  • No more frustration converting volume measurements in order to arrive at your true cost.

  • No more wondering how many batches of soap you are going to get out of an order of supplies.

The money I have saved using this program more than makes up for the cost of it. Thank you so much!

AT - Maryland, USA

Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with the software! It is very cool that I can do an inventory/cost control! Great Job! and a good value!

AG - Georgia, USA

It's fantastic!!! I love it!! I love the benchmark standard to give me an idea of where the finished product will be. It's fun to play with!!! It's WELL WORTH the money!!! Great job!!!

LR - Iowa, USA

Thanks for making such a great product! I'm a new soaper, and it helps so much when I am trying to devise new recipes to be able to pull up the chart and see what to expect BEFORE I waste time and money on a batch of soap that has no lather or takes 3 months to harden!

I really appreciate all of the hard work and research that must have gone into this program. It's making my life a lot easier, and my soapmaking nearly foolproof!

SS - Georgia, USA

This program is totally AWESOME! I cant believe how much work you have done. Congratulations!!

KM - Australia

I've been using SoapMaker for many years - back when it was version 2. I still use it all the time and just love it. It is so handy and quick, and my soaps turn out great. You have a great product here. Thank you, thank you!

ME - Oregon, USA

Just wanted to let you know how useful and helpful I find Soapmaker, seems almost weekly I think of how much it helps with things like inventory control, margins, product development, and the realm of other business things.

Jumping in backwards as I did to the pro version(used the lite for years, then switched to pro, then finally entered my sales & inventory in after the beginning of a financial year)--- that had a steep learning curve, but it's proven to be well worth that struggle (and of course would have been easier if I had done things in the right order!).

So, Thanks for this program, and happy holidays.

JM - Idaho, USA

First, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this program!! I've been working for a few days entering my FO information and started playing around with the MyMold feature. I can't tell you how incredibly helpful that's going to be, having an inventory of my molds... because I have a TON of them! I'm an M&P soaper and we tend to have big collections of molds. I don't know how soapers live without this software! I feel so fortunate to have made the decision to purchase it! It's a tool that I just can't live without!

JS - Connecticut, USA

I would like to say how much I love your soapmaker program. It has helped me immensely & I don't know what I would do without it! I especially love the updates that help with GMP/FDA compliance like ingredient batch number tracking & INCI list. Those are both HUGE hassle & time savers.

LO - Utah, USA

Well done. This is a complex and beautiful piece of kit which is saving the sanity of those who own it. I would not be able to function without it, and that's the truth. Thanks!

GO - Bolton, UK

As a full time self-employed soapmaker, this software has transformed how I run my business. I find it invaluable in so many aspects of my business, such as determining price points, tracking batches for labeling purposes, and preparing my income tax. It has been a lifesaver and I am truly grateful to you for supplying this product! Thanks so much!!!

MS - Ontario, Canada

Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. It's saved me soo much time and headaches when keeping track of my formulas.

KM - Iowa, USA

Just wanted to give you a shout out for how wonderful this program is! Thanks so much!! (I also test commercial software for a living, for what it's worth).

EH - Pennsylvania, USA

I have to tell you how much I enjoy using Soapmaker. It was well thought out and plays a central role in my soapmaking operation.

SE - Israel

Hi. I wanted to let you know I did a YouTube video about your program because I love it! I hope this brings you lots of business because it has saved me a ton of money on soaping and made it so easy for me to keep track of my spending, inventory and selling my product. Thanks for a great product!

LC - California, USA