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About us

Woodman Designs is a family business owned and operated by Diane and Crawford Woodman, and located in Perth, Ontario, Canada. Crawford is a retired engineer, and Diane started making homemade soap in 1999.

SoapMaker was designed initially to support Diane's soap-making. Together they researched the properties of many base oils and carried out experiments to develop the unique soap qualities algorithms which SoapMaker uses to help design recipes and avoid failed batches. A young programmer, Jason Bowles, joined the team for a while and introduced the inventory control features to help manage the stock of supplies and products.

When SoapMaker sales began, it was an instant hit with enthusiastic customers telling us they didn't know how they got along without it. Since 2008, Crawford has done all the programming, and has released many free updates to add new features and improvements in response to customer suggestions. There are now over 10,000 SoapMaker customers in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Since SoapMaker 3 was launched, all updates have been free to registered users, and technical support is always free as well. If you would like to support this ongoing effort, please see my Patreon page...