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The #1 choice for hand-made soap and body-care products

Take your business to the next level...

One-time purchase:   $99
(no ongoing fees)

Upgrade from LITE:   $50


  • Predict soap qualities before manufacture
  • Compare recipes for cost and qualities
  • See what supplies you need for planned production
  • See individual product cost and profit margin
  • SoapMaker can soon pay for itself!
  • Organize all your recipes
  • Resize recipes to fit different molds
  • Special calculators for liquid and cream soaps
  • Track your inventory of supplies and products
  • Warnings of low stock and ingredients past expiry date
  • Produce Customer Invoices from sales registers
  • Track supply lots used for each product batch
  • Help with tax returns, including sales tax credits

In addition to soaps made with lye, you can use SoapMaker for melt-and-pour soap, and non-soap products like lotions, balms, candles, etc.

PRO edition example screen shots

NOTE: To download and install SoapMaker,
you must be using a Windows computer!