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SoapMaker LITE

All the recipe features of the PRO edition

One-time purchase:   $49
(no ongoing fees)

Main Features:

  • Special additive calculators for liquid and cream soaps
  • Include packaging items like wrappers and labels
  • See cost of each ingredient, and total recipe cost
  • Predicted soap qualities:
    • Hardness
    • Moisturizing
    • Fluffy and Stable Lather
  • Create non-soap recipes for lotions, balms, candles, etc.
  • Resize recipes to fit molds
  • Supplier list with contact info
  • Recipe list showing costs
  • Supplies list with costs
  • Purchase history of each ingredient

In addition to soaps made with lye, you can create recipes for melt-and-pour soap, and non-soap products like lotions, balms, candles, etc.

When you're ready to turn on all the business features, upgrade to PRO for $50. All your recipes and supply items will still be available.

SoapMaker LITE Screen Shots

NOTE: To download and install SoapMaker,
you must be using a Windows computer!