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SoapMaker Features

SoapMaker provides a fully integrated set of tools to manage many aspects of your business or hobby.

Here is a list of features, showing which are included in the Lite and Professional editions. Move your cursor over each feature to see more details.

Lite Pro Feature (Hover over each to see details)
Easy to learn and use...
  • Toolbars provide handy access to commands, with pop-up descriptions for each button
  • Pop-up menus provide instant access to relevant commands
  • Wizards guide you through many tasks while you're learning
  • Context Help opens the relevant page of the user's manual when you need it
  • Auto-type helps you enter ingredient names quickly
  • Comprehensive Users Manual with index, search, and 'Q & A' section
Design your own recipes

Design your own recipes:

  • Make solid, liquid or cream soap recipes, as well as non-soap recipes such as lotions, candles or 'melt and pour' soap.
  • Select ingredients from the built-in list of more than 80 oils, or add your own special oils.
  • Include additives like scents and colors from your own supplies list.
  • Define quantities and sizes of up to 4 sub-batches to make with your recipe.
Soap Recipe Calculation

Soap Recipe Calculation:

  • Lye and water amounts are calculated automatically.
  • Suggested scent amount based on quantity of oils.
  • Liquid and cream soap calculators indicate additive quantities needed.
  • Water quantity can be adjusted automatically to compensate for liquid additives.
Your choice of US or Metric units

Customize the program to suit your needs:

  • Set your default preferences for measurement units and many other parameters.
  • Enter ingredient amounts in any units of weight or volume -
    SoapMaker converts to the weight units and precision that matches your scale.
Costs shown in your local currency

SoapMaker automatically uses the currency to which your system is set.

Graphic Display of soap qualities - hardness, lather and moisturizing

Predicted soap qualities, and fatty acid composition:

  • Test your recipes before you make the soap
  • With the Dynamic Graph feature, watch the graph change instantly as you vary the proportions of different oils
  • Compare recipes with each other on the graph
  • Set your favorite recipe as your 'benchmark'
  • Each recipe's fatty acid composition is also shown
Recipe costs are calculated based on your ingredient costs

Know your actual product costs:

  • Both overall cost and cost per bar/portion are displayed
  • Packaging items like labels, bottles, etc. can be included in recipes to see the total recipe cost (You can even include your labor cost).
  • Compare different recipe costs in a sorted list
Recipe organization

Keep track of all your recipes:

  • Your recipes are saved in SoapMaker's database
  • You can organize your recipes into groups (like folders).
  • View your recipes in a list, organized by group, recipe type, name, date or cost.
  • Search feature to easily find a particular recipe.
Print or export recipes

Print recipes, and export then:

  • Recipes can be printed to use as a checklist during production, or for archiving.
  • Printout can include ingredients, notes, qualities, fatty acids, and INCI codes.
  • You can also print or export the ingredient list (with INCI codes) sorted by quantity to use in making your labels.
  • Recipes can be exported as text for sharing with colleagues.
Resize recipes automatically

Recipes can be resized...

  • to a desired overall weight or volume
  • to a percentage of the original size
  • to a specified number of bars or portions
  • to fit a specified mold or set of molds

A tool is provided to help you define your molds and calculate their volume. You can then simply select from a list of all your molds whenever you resize a recipe.

Supplies List

All the supplies you use to make products are managed from one place:

  • Your supplies list shows all the ingredients and packaging items available for use in your recipes
  • Each item listed shows the unit cost (e.g. $/ounce) based on your actual purchases - these costs are used to calculate your recipe costs.
  • The Supplier List saves the name and contact information of your favorite suppliers.
  • When recording new purchases, you can then simply select the supplier from the list.
List all recipes which use a particular ingredient

The List Recipes Report shows all the recipes which use a selected ingredient or packaging item. From this report you can:

  • open a recipe
  • delete a recipe if you no longer need it
Record supply purchases and other business expenses

With the New Supply Purchase form...

  • Include all the items that were part of a single shipment
  • Record manufacturer's lot number and expiry date if desired
  • Add overheads like shipping and taxes
  • The overheads are allocated proportionally across all items in the shipment to reflect the true costs.
  • Recipe ingredient costs are updated to reflect the new purchases.
  • Your purchase records are saved for future reference

Record all your business expenses

  • Tools
  • Books
  • etc...
Supply Orders Report

The Supply Orders Report shows a list of all your supply purchase orders. Each list entry includes:

  • the date the order was purchased
  • the supplier's name
  • the total cost of the order

By selecting a particular order, you can see the details, or make changes. You can print the list, or the contents of a particular order, or export the list to a spreadsheet.

Returnable supplies

You can create a Return Order for supply items:

  • Your stock quantities are adjusted
  • Your business costs are reduced accordingly
Purchase History

The Purchase History Report for each supply item shows...

  • the date that lot was purchased and the supplier's name
  • the Lot Number and Expiry date if recorded
  • the quantity purchased, and the cost
  • how much of that lot remains in stock (Pro edition only)
Conversion Calculator

A handy Calculator converts any weight or volume units to any other.

Upgradeable to Pro

The Lite edition can be upgraded to Professional at any time by purchasing an upgrade license. This will unlock all the Pro features listed below.

Record your Production

Whenever you make a batch with one of your recipes...

  • Supply stocks are deducted automatically.
  • The products made are added to your products inventory
  • A warning will show if there is insufficient stock of any ingredient, or if an ingredient is past expiry date.
Supply Stocklist Management

With the Pro edition, the Supplies list also shows for each item...

  • the quantity in stock
  • the value based on your cost
  • a graphic icon indicating whether stock has fallen below your 're-order' level.

You can choose to display all supply items, or only those which need replenishing.

Supply Stock Value

Your Supply List also displays total stock values...

  • Total for each type of supply (e.g. oil, additive, packaging)
  • Total value of your entire stock

You can choose whether your stock value is based on the most recent purchase price, or on the actual price of each lot purchased.

Automatic Supply Inventory updates

When you record a new supply purchase, or make a product batch, your supply stocks are automatically adjusted...

  • the quantity in stock and the value of each affected item is increased or decreased accordingly
  • the icon indicating whether stock is sufficient may change.
Supply Inventory auditing

The Purchase History for each supply item shows:

  • the quantity remaining from each purchased lot, and
  • which lot will be used for your next product batch. (You can override this to use different lots if desired)

When doing an inventory audit, you can easily edit the quantity left for any item.

Blends and Infusions

Create your own custom blends of two or more ingredients.

  • 'Make a batch' with the blend formula - your stocklist is adjusted to add the blend amount and deduct the component ingredient amounts.
  • Use the blend in your recipes and products like any other ingredient.
Supply Usage Report

The Supply Usage report lists all the product batches you have made with each lot of a particular ingredient or packaging item.

  • You can select a specific date range
  • You can even select a particular supplier and lot
  • The list can be sorted by date, product name, or quantity used

This can be particularly useful if you ever have to handle a recall.

Shopping List

This production planning tool helps determine what supplies you will need to purchase...

  • Choose how many and which recipes you plan to make;
  • SoapMaker calculates the additional quantities of each ingredient you will need to buy.
Product Inventory

Your products list shows the status and history of every product batch made...

  • the descriptive name of the product and the recipe used
  • a unique batch numder and the date it was made
  • whether it is cured and ready to sell
  • number of bars or portions made, sold, and remaining in stock

The batch list can be sorted by any column. The list can be set to view:

  • All batches made
  • Only batches made with a particular recipe or group of recipes
  • Batches made within a selected date range
  • Only batches which still have stock remaining
Product Batch Details

For any selected batch in your products list, you can view (or edit)...

  • The total cost and size of the batch
  • The cure time , expected shrinkage , and when it will be ready
  • Up to 4 different sizes of bars/portions made from the batch
  • The number of bars/portions made of each size, and the number remaining in stock
  • The cost per bar/portion
  • The total value of the stock remaining
  • A List of which ingredient lots were used to make the batch
Re-use Products

Select any of your finished products and move them to your supplies inventory...

  • Use them for gift baskets,
  • Pre-made soap base, or
  • Soap embeds.
Product Photo Gallery

You can save photos of each product type, and view them from your Products List.

Record product sales and create invoices

With the Sales Register form you record...

  • a single customer order and create an invoice, or
  • a day's sales from a venue such as a craft show or farmers market.

Invoices can be printed in any language.

For each batch included in the sale, you select the product size, and enter the quantity and your price.

  • SoapMaker calculates your profit margin for each item.
  • The current stock quantity of each product is shown, and adjusts as you enter quantities to be sold.
  • You can include overheads such as shipping or taxes, and specify a customer discount.
  • When you save the sales register, the products sold are automatically deducted from your product inventory.
Import sales records

You can do bulk import of sales records from:

  • your web shopping cart, or
  • your point-of-sale system.

Imported records are contained in a .txt or .csv file.

Customer List
  • The Customer List saves the name, branch addresses and contact information of your favorite customers and sales venues.
  • When creating new sales invoices, you can then simply select the customer and branch from the list.
  • Invoices can show both billing and shipping addresses.
Consignment Sales

You can define multiple locations for your product stock, and link each location to a customer branch.

Price List

Use the Price List feature to maintain a list of standard prices for all your products, to be used automatically when creating sales invoices.

You can save as many price categories as you need (e.g. retail and wholesale).

Invoices Report

The Sales Registers and Invoices Report provides a sortable list of all invoices and venue sales records, showing date, customer, amount, and whether it has been paid.

  • You can show all invoices, or only unpaid ones
  • Select one to see or edit the contents, to print it, or to mark it paid.

The report can be filtered by:

  • Date
  • Customer name and branch
  • Price Category (e.g. retail or wholesale)
  • Tax group or region
Sales History Report

The Sales History report lists individual products sold. You can view all sales on record, or select...

  • products from a particular recipe or group of recipes, or from a particular batch.
  • products sold to a particular customer (or at a particular venue)
  • sales within a selected date range

For each product sold, the report shows:

  • The date, batch number and recipe name
  • The customer (or venue)
  • Your invoice number
  • The product size, quantity and price
  • Your profit margin

Your total revenue and profit margin are shown for all the items listed. By selecting an item from the list, you can:

  • View the invoice that included this sale
  • Open your customer list to see contact information for this customer
Supply Lots Used Report

For any selected product batch, the Supply Lots Used Report provides a list of ingredients, showing for each:

  • the supplier
  • the lot number, and
  • the quantity used
Stock Removal records

You can record removal of supplies or product stock, showing the amount and the purpose:

  • advertising
  • donation
  • personal use
  • discard and write-off
  • other

SoapMaker provides several features to assist you in tracking sales tax or value-added tax, as well as revenue and inventory totals for your income tax return.

The Tax and Income Summary report shows for a selected date range...

  • The value of your supplies and products inventory
  • Total sales, costs and net income
  • Sales tax paid (credits), collected, and owed

You can define tax groups for different geographical areas where you buy or sell products.

Exportable data

Your supplies and products inventory lists, as well as several reports, can be exported in CSV format for loading into a spreadsheet or accounting program.

Database can be shared with another computer

If you have 2 computers, you can run SoapMaker on both, and share a common database with all your recipes and inventory.

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