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Feature Comparison

SoapMaker FREE, LITE, and PROFESSIONAL editions

includes example recipes
Lye calculation (NaOH and/or KOH)
Metric or US units
Graphic display of soap qualities Graphic qualities
Recipe organizer
Print recipes
Export ingredient list for labels
Recipes include additives (e.g. scents, colors) Include scents, colors, etc.
Non-Soap recipes (e.g. lotions)
Recipe and ingredient costs
Special calculators for liquid and cream soaps Liquid and cream soap calculators
Include packaging items (e.g. wrappers, labels) with costs Include packaging items
List of molds available to make products Molds list
Resize recipes (e.g. to fit molds)
Ingredients Supply List
More than 80 Base Oils included
Add your own custom Base Oils
Include your own Additives to use in recipes Include your own Additives
Ingredient INCI codes included Ingredient INCI codes
List all recipes which use a specific ingredient List recipes with specific ingredient
Include your own Packaging items with costs Include your own Packaging items
Maintain list of Suppliers
Record supply purchases to establish costs Record supply purchases
Keep track of other business expenses
Create custom blends for use in recipes Create custom blends
Supplies Inventory automatically reflects new purchases Inventory reflects new purchases
Inventory adjusted when you make products Inventory adjusted for products made
Low stock and expired stock warnings Low/expired stock warnings
Automatic shopping list of supplies for planned production Production planning - supplies to buy
Record production of each batch
Supplies and product stock adjusted automatically Stock adjusted automatically
Quantity and value displayed for each product Quantity and value of each product
Manage products in multiple locations (e.g. consignment customers) Product locations (e.g. consignment)
Re-use products in other recipes (e.g. as soap base, or gift sets) Combine products (soap base, gift sets)
Save photos of your products Product photos
Record product sales by customer or venue Record product sales
Product stock adjusted to reflect sales Product stock adjusted
Maintain customer list with contact info Maintain customer list
Customer invoices
Support for consignment sales Consignment sales
Price list with product codes
Export price list to web or POS Export price list
Import sales records from web or POS Import sales records
List of recipes by date, type and group List of recipes
Recipe sample costs for comparison Recipe costs
Supplies stock list
Stock list shows quantity and value for each stock item Stock item quantity and value
Supply orders report with order details Supply orders report
Itemized list of all ingredient and expense purchases Itemized purchase list
Purchase history for each ingredient, with lot# and expiry date Ingredient purchase history
Usage history for each ingredient lot showing product batch# Ingredient usage history
Supply lots used per product batch Supply lots used per product
Product sales history showing product batch# Product sales history
Customer invoices and venue sales registers Customer invoices
Products transfered (e.g. to consignment customer) Products transfered
Stock removed (e.g. written off, personal use, donation) Stock removed
Labor report with employee wages Labor report
Tax and income summary