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SoapMaker 3.18.5 Release Notes

Released August 30, 2022.

This update addresses a limitation with blends...
It is possible to define a blend that uses another blend as an ingredient, but this is not fully supported. If you do this, several features will not work correctly.

Instead, it is recommended to create a non-soap recipe that can then use blended ingredients. Make a batch with that recipe, then re-use the batch as a supply item that can be used in other recipes (like a blend).

Now, if you define a new blend formula and include another blend as an ingredient, you will see a warning message. And if you make a blend batch using a blend containing another blend, you will see an (optional) warning.

The Users Manual has been updated to explain this limitation and recommend the way to avoid it.

SoapMaker 3.18.4 Release Notes

Released August 29, 2021.

This update fixes a few bugs, and adds some improvements requested by users:

SoapMaker 3.18.3 Release Notes

Released May 1, 2021.

This update fixes a few bugs and adds some improvements:

Bugs fixed:

New features and improvements:

SoapMaker 3.18.2 Release Notes

Released February 10, 2021.

More fixes to avoid errors on large monitors

SoapMaker 3.18.1 Release Notes

Released January 1, 2021.

This update fixes a couple of problems

SoapMaker 3.18.0 Release Notes

Released December 29, 2020.

This update includes some fixes, and an important new option which can affect the way your costs are recorded for tax purposes. It's being released in time for the new year so you can decide whether to use this new option at the beginning of the year.

New option for purchase cost overheads:

SoapMaker has always bundled overhead costs into indivdual items' adjusted costs when recording purchases. This makes recipe costs and product costs reflect your total costs, but there are drawbacks to this approach:

Now you can set the option to either adjust costs to include overheads as before, or keep them separate - they will then show as separate lines in your Tax and Income Summary report (Pro edition only).

The default setting for this option is set in MyPreferences on the Production tab (and can be changed for any order in the New Supply Purchase form). When you first install this update, the default is set to adjust costs the way it has always been. There is a new Users Manual topic explaining the pros and cons of each choice - you should have a look and decide how to proceed so you will be consistent for the coming year. The manual topics describing the Supply Orders report and the Tax and Income Summary report have also been changed to include this new option and it's effects.

Other changes:

SoapMaker 3.17.3 Release Notes

Released November 29, 2020.

This update just fixes one bug: opening a new recipe caused an error, which repeated until at least one item with quantity was entered.

SoapMaker 3.17.2 Release Notes

Released November 25, 2020.

This release adds some improvements related to labor costs. Previous updates added a new recipe Labor feature in the hope that would put an end to the practice of using a 'packaging item' to represent labor. Although the new Labor Cost shows in the Price List, it was not visible in the recipe summary or in the recipe sample costs in MyRecipes.

With this release:

NOTE: When you install this update, any recipes you have saved with Labor hours and rate will be flagged for updating. You can update them in MyRecipes to see the revised sample costs with labor included.

SoapMaker 3.17.1 Release Notes

Released October 27, 2020.

This release completes the beta-test, and adds a couple of new features:

SoapMaker 3.17.0 Beta Release Notes

Released October 12, 2020.

This release has two significant changes which touch many areas, so it is being released as a beta test.

SoapMaker 3.16.5 Release Notes

Released September 7, 2020.

This release fixes some problems and adds improvements suggested by users.

SoapMaker 3.16.4 Release Notes

Released June 30, 2020.

This one really does fix the bug.

SoapMaker 3.16.3 Release Notes

Released June 30, 2020.

This release fixe a bug and adds a couple of improvements.

SoapMaker 3.16.2 Release Notes

Released May 31, 2020.

This release provides several improvements and fixes a few bugs.

SoapMaker 3.16.1 Release Notes

Released January 24, 2020.

This release completes the beta test of version 3.16.0, and also makes some improvements and fixes a couple of bugs:

SoapMaker 3.16.0 beta Release Notes

Released December 23, 2019.

This release fixes some long-standing problems that were recently discovered. The changes appear small, but touched a lot of code, so it's being released for beta-testing first.

Invoices Report: If you recorded an invoice with a handling fee but no tax on the fee, an error occured when trying to view the invoice in the list.

MySupplies: Previously it was possible to edit item specifications like specific gravity and INCI name 'on the fly' while browsing a list of items. But this resulted in the possibility of saving the wrong value. For example, if the cursor was left in the input box for specific gravity and then a new item was defined, the new item could be saved with the previous item's SG value instead of the new one entered.

To avoid this problem, a different approach is now used for editing item specifications - to change a value you must click the new Edit button. While in edit mode, all other controls are disabled until you Save or Cancel.

To make it easier to use this new approach, keyboard shortcuts enable you to do it all from the keyboard:

Shortcut Action
Ctrl-T Move to the next main Tab (Base Oil, Lye/Water, Additives, etc.)
Ctrl-Shift-T On the Additives or Packaging tab, switches between Organize by Category view and Sortable List view.
Up/Down arrows Move up or down within the displayed list.
Left/Right arrows Expand or collapse a category in the Organize by Category view.
Ctrl-E Start editing an item's specifications (e.g. Notes, SG value, tracking options)
TAB Move to the next input field
Ctrl-S Save changes made to an item's specifications
ESC Cancel changes and exit the Edit mode

Other changes to MySupplies:

The Users Manual has been updated to reflect all these changes.

SoapMaker 3.15.2 Release Notes

Released December 13, 2019.

This release fixes some problems and adds a few improvements.

Fixed bugs in the Product Transfers report:

The following improvements will make it easier to use SoapMaker:

SoapMaker 3.15.1 Release Notes

Released December 3, 2019.

This release just fixes some problems with the Reused Products report:

SoapMaker 3.15.0 Release Notes

Released November 13, 2019.

This update fixes a couple of bugs, and adds a few improvements. It coincides with the initial release of the FREE edition, and major face-lift to the website.

Changes to Soapmaker LITE and PROFESSIONAL editions:

SoapMaker 3.14.14 Release Notes

Released July 29, 2019.

This update fixes a couple of bugs, and adds a small improvement.

SoapMaker 3.14.13 Release Notes

Released July 20, 2019.

Some users still getting occasional errors when creating new categories. This update suppresses those spurious errors.

SoapMaker 3.14.12 Release Notes

Released July 20, 2019.

This update fixes a few bugs and adds some minor improvements:

SoapMaker 3.14.11 Release Notes

Released July 6, 2019.

This update adds one new feature - in soap recipes you now have the option to specify the water amount by Water/Lye Ratio (as well as the previous options: Discount from suggested or Lye Solution Strength.

SoapMaker 3.14.10 Release Notes

Released May 20, 2019.

This update fixes 3 bugs:

SoapMaker 3.14.9 Release Notes

Released April 10, 2019.

This update fixes a few problems:

SoapMaker 3.14.8 Release Notes

Released February 12, 2019.

Another bug fixed in the New Batch form. Hopefully the last one.

An error occurred if you tried to edit the lots of a packaging item when recording a new batch.

SoapMaker 3.14.7 Release Notes

Released February 8, 2019.

This update fixes one more bug in the New Batch form:
If you selected a different option for portions, the packaging quantities were not being initialized, so were double-counted.

SoapMaker 3.14.6 Release Notes

Released February 8, 2019.

This update fixes a few bugs:

SoapMaker 3.14.5 Release Notes

Released January 19, 2019.

This update fixes one obscure bug, and completes the beta test.

If you included packagaging items in a recipe, and duplicated an item specifying quantities 'per SB-x' AND 'per SB-y', the second one's quantity was not being included in the Supply Lots Used report.

SoapMaker 3.14.4 beta Release Notes

Released January 17, 2019 for beta testing.

This update fixes a few bugs.

Also added a help topic 'Specific Gravity Topics' which just lists the other pages (including the list of common substance SG values) for easier access when defining a new additive item.

Please give it a try and report any problems.

Bugs fixed:

SoapMaker 3.14.3 Release Notes

Released January 11, 2019

This update just fixes one bug, and makes a small change to the Sales History report.

SoapMaker 3.14.2 Release Notes

Released December 28, 2018

This update provides several improvements, and fixes a few bugs.

Price List:


Recipe Portions:

In version 3.10, the ability to specify sub-batch portions was added to the recipe form. This is important if you split a batch into sub-batches of different sized products, and include packaging items in the recipe, so that you can associate each packaging item with the correct product size.

However this has turned out to be an unpopular change with users who don't split batches because when you saved a recipe without specifying portions you got an annoying warning.

Now, if you set your Preferences with either a default portion size, or number of portions, when you create a new recipe, it will automatically calculate the quantity or size to match for one sub-batch.

If you make multiple sub-batches and include packaging, it's still important to specify portions on the recipe form. If you don't split your batch, or don't include packaging, you can adjust portion size and quantity when you record a batch, or later by editing in MyProducts.

To make this new feature work, MyPreferences will now insist that each recipe type has at least one sub-batch size or quantity set as default (you don't need both), together with a default Tag (e.g. 'regular').


Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

SoapMaker 3.14.1 Release Notes

Released December 2, 2018


Problems Fixed

SoapMaker 3.14.0 Release Notes

Released November 17, 2018


Bugs fixed:

SoapMaker 3.13.10 Release Notes

Released September 24, 2018

This release fixes some bugs, and changes the way CDs are registered:

Bugs fixed:

New CD registration scheme

If you originally purchased SoapMaker on a CD, when you move to a different computer and install this latest release, you will not be able to register using the CD number - instead you will be directed to a page to re-register and receive a new number.

SoapMaker 3.13.9 Release Notes

Released August 18, 2018

This release fixes a few bugs and adds several improvements to the program and the users manual.


Problems Fixed

SoapMaker 3.13.8 Release Notes

Released June 22, 2018

This release provides a few improvements and fixes some bugs:


Bugs Fixed

SoapMaker 3.13.7 Release Notes

Released May 7, 2018

This release fixes a few bugs, including one serious one that can affect lye calculation under some conditions. It also adds a couple of improvements.

Bugs fixed


SoapMaker 3.13.6 Release Notes

Released April 24, 2018

This release fixes a couple of small bugs, and marks the end of the beta test period for version 3.13.

Bugs fixed:

SoapMaker 3.13.5 Beta Release Notes

Released April 16, 2018 for beta test

This update adds a few improvements and fixes several bugs.


Bugs Fixed:

SoapMaker 3.13.4 Beta Release Notes

Released March 28, 2018 for beta test

This update fixes one bug - an error could occur when saving changes to a batch in MyProducts.

SoapMaker 3.13.3 Beta Release Notes

Released March 28, 2018 for beta test

This update fixes two bugs:

SoapMaker 3.13.2 Beta Release Notes

Released March 23, 2018 for beta test

This update fixes a couple of bugs:

SoapMaker 3.13.1 Beta Release Notes

Released March 21, 2018 for beta test

This update adds a new improvement, and fixes a few bugs found during beta test:

First the improvement: When you export any report as CSV file now, you have the option to choose either comma or tab as the field separator character. Whichever you choose will be the default for the next time.

Bugs fixed:

SoapMaker 3.13.0 Beta Release Notes

Released March 15, 2018 for beta test

This is a major update with new features and improvements, as well as a few bug fixes.

New Features

Recipe Sub-batches

Previously you could only specify one size of bar/portion in a recipe, although you could specify up to 4 sub-batches with different sized bars/portions when recording a batch, or later by editing the batch in MyProducts.

Now you can specify up to 4 sub-batches in the recipe form, with quantity and size of bar/portion for each sub-batch.

Packaging items can be specified per sub-batch portion, per any portion, or total for the recipe. This will result in more accurate bar/portion costs, and make it unnecessary to adjust packaging lots in the New Batch dialog.

Waste factor and Shrinkage are now set in each recipe, rather than just applied when you record a batch. When you update to this version, existing recipes will receive the current settings from your Preferences.

When you make a new batch now, it will default to using either the recipe settings for bar/portion quantities and sizes, as well as waste and shrinkage, or the previous batch settings if any, based on which option you used the last time you made a batch. You can change this option, or enter custom settings for this batch.

To get to know this new feature, before you make your next batch open the recipe and click the new Portions tab. Set it up the way you want and save the recipe before making a batch. This is how it's intended to work now. (Of course you can still do it the old way if desired.)

Accounting for Batch Excess or Scraps

You can now write off excess scraps from a batch, or reuse them as ingredients for rebatching.

When a batch is first made, or edited later and portions are changed, if there is significant excess you may see an optional reminder that you can write off the scraps and record it in the Stock Removed report, or reuse the excess as an additive for use in other recipes.

Stock Removed Report

You can now print a receipt for removed stock items (products or supplies) given as donations.

A new Edit button allows you to change the date, purpose or comment for a selected record.

Other New Features


Reused Product Ingredients

Reducing MyProducts batch list Loading delays

Other Improvements

Bugs Fixed

SoapMaker 3.12.5 Release Notes

Released Feb 12, 2018.

This update fixes a few bugs:

SoapMaker 3.12.4 Release Notes

Released Jan 28, 2018.

This update fixes a serious problem for non-English computers - in several reports, date range selection could cause errors.

Fixed a bug in the Product Transfers report - if you tried to print a transfer invoice to a customer branch with no shipping address saved, an error occurred.

SoapMaker 3.12.3 Release Notes

Released Jan 24, 2018.

This update fixes one bug, and marks the end of the beta test phase.

There was a bug in MySupplies which caused column widths to be a bit off.

This version appears stable with no known bugs at this time. If you have not been trying the beta test versions, please see the list of changes for releases 3.12.0 through 3.12.2 below.

SoapMaker 3.12.2 Beta Release Notes

Released for beta testing Jan 20, 2018.

This update fixes a bug in the Reused Products report that could cause the program to hang.

SoapMaker 3.12.1 Beta Release Notes

Released for beta testing Jan 16, 2018.

In response to user feedback, the ability to enter fractional packaging quantities in recipes has been restored.

Several forms and reports have been changed to better display fractional packaging quantites.

A bug has been fixed in the Sales Record form and Product Transfer form - If you added packaging items for shipping while editing a previous order, stock may not have been adjusted correctly.

The Price List has been changed so exporting will exclude products with no stock when the Show only products with stock remaining box is checked.

If open, the Reused Products report list is refreshed automatically when you make a batch using reused products as recipe ingredients.

The Stock Removed report will show 'reused' for the Order Number when you remove supply stock that was a reused product.

SoapMaker 3.12.0 Beta Release Notes

Released for beta testing Jan 15, 2018.


New Supply Purchase or Expense form:

This is a completely new form to replace the previous version. It has a format similar to the new Sales Register form introduced in version 3.11, and provides the following benefits:

During beta test, the old version is still available under the main Supplies menu in case of problems, but will be retired when the beta test phase is completed.

Reused Products report

This new report lists all transactions where you have transferred products back into your supplies stock. It is accessible from the main Reports menu.

From this report, you can:

New Search feature

Search boxes have been added to MyRecipes, MySupplies, MyProducts, and Customers Report. See below for details.

Other Improvements:

Print Dialog

Whenever you print anything now, a standard Print Dialog will show like most other applications. This will enable you to easily select a different printer or print to PDF file, or change printer properties for landscape format (best for wide reports).

Sales Register form:


Supply Orders Report:

Purchase History report:


MyRecipes: New Search feature - just start typing any part of a recipe name and the list will show all recipes which match.

Sales history report:

Supply Usage report:

Customers Report:

NewBatch and New Blend Batch forms you can now cancel and close the form even if you have entered an invalid field.

Additive or Packaging items called 'Lye (NaOH)' or 'Lye (KOH)' can cause confusion, so this is no longer allowed.

Transfers report: Total quantity is now shown on printed consignment invoices.

New Recipe main File menu has been restored and can be used even if MyRecipes is not open.

Exporting a recipe or ingredient list could cause 'invalid filename' error if the recipe name contains a character that is illegal for filenames. Now any illegal characters are removed from the suggested filename before saving.

List of All Purchases report is now refreshed automatically if open when recording new purchases.

Wizard panels on Recipe forms, MySupplies and MyProducts are intended to guide new users while learning the program. But I often see experienced users leaving these panels open even though they use up a lot of screen space. Now if a Wizard panel is unused for 20 sessions, it will automatically be closed. Of course you can open/close it any time by clicking the Wizard button on the toolbar.

Bugs fixed:

Date Ranges:

Previously, the following reports could miss items recorded on the first or last day of the selected date range, depending on the time of day they were recorded:

Some reports showed a date range option 'This year' and some showed 'Year to date'. Now they all use 'This year' to be consistent and avoid confusion.

Miscellaneous Bugs:

SoapMaker 3.11.5 Release Notes

New stable release on October 10, 2017 (First released for beta testing October 6, 2017)

This update fixes a couple of bugs and adds some improvements:

Sales Record form

Invoices report: When deleting a sales register and restoring stock, MyProducts and MySupplies are now refreshed AFTER the final message to avoid confusion.

Transfers Report: When deleting a transfer register, if the quantity to be returned to the source location exceeds the quantity made, the stock remaining is set equal to the quantity made instead of being unchanged.

SoapMaker 3.11.4 Beta Release Notes

Released for beta testing Sept. 30, 2017.

This update fixes one bug - The new Sales Record form was not showing the correct Product Description and Item number after editing and saving an item.

SoapMaker 3.11.3 Beta Release Notes

Released for beta testing Sept. 27, 2017.

This update fixes one serious bug, as well as several other problems, and adds a number of improvements.

Problems fixed:


The following changes should make it easier to use these forms:

Customers List:

The currently selected Input box is highlighted

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-S to save changes
  • ESC key to cancel


Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-S to save changes
  • Ctrl-T to move to the next tab
  • ESC key to cancel

MyMolds and

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-N to create a New item
  • Ctrl-S or ENTER to save changes
  • ESC key to cancel

Price List:

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Ctrl-S to save changes
  • ESC key to cancel
  • TAB to move right, or down to next row
  • ENTER to move down one row;
    Shift-ENTER to move up

SoapMaker 3.11.2 Beta Release Notes

Released for beta testing Sept. 16, 2017.

This update fixes two bugs:

SoapMaker 3.11.1 Beta Release Notes

Released for beta testing Sept. 14, 2017.

This update fixes some bugs and makes a few improvements in response to user feedback.

Problems fixed:


SoapMaker 3.11.0 Beta Release Notes

Released for Beta Test September 2, 2017

This update introduces a major new feature for Professional Edition users, and provides several improvements and bug fixes.

New Feature - Import of Sales Records

If you use a web shopping cart, or a point-of-sale system, you may be able to import sales records into SoapMaker and have your product stock adjusted automatically. The Users Manual has new topics explaining how to do this.

To facilitate this new feature and address some other issues, the New Sales Register form has been changed significantly. There is no longer a limit of 99 entries, and the user interface is different. To help you adjust, an optional Tips window on the form explains how to efficiently use the new layout.


Problems Fixed

SoapMaker 3.10.10 Release Notes

First Released as Beta July 14, 2017; Removed 'Beta' designation July 26.

This update consolidates several bug fixes since version 3.10.5.

If you have already installed 3.10.10 beta, there is no need to update.

SoapMaker 3.10.9 beta Release Notes

Released July 11, 2017.

SoapMaker 3.10.8 beta Release Notes

Released July 6, 2017.

This update attempts to fix one problem:
If you have a very large inventory of unique products, some changes are not captured when saving the Price List after editing.

This may be due to a timing issue, so I have added a delay to allow the database to finish deleting old tables before saving new ones.

SoapMaker 3.10.7 beta Release Notes

Released June 29, 2017.

This update fixes two problem:

SoapMaker 3.10.6 beta Release Notes

Released June 27, 2017.

This update addresses two error conditions:

SoapMaker 3.10.5 Release Notes

Released June 26, 2017.

This update fixes a number of problems, and adds code to further chase some weird occasional errors.

SoapMaker 3.10.4 Release Notes

Released June 13, 2017.

This update corrects a few problems and marks the completion of the 3.10 beta test phase. This new version is stable with no know problems.

Problems fixed and other changes in this update: