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SoapMaker Extras

Spreadsheet Tools

Here are some spreadsheet tools you can use to complement SoapMaker. You're welcome to download them and use them. They were created with Excel, but you can also open them in Quattro Pro or Open Office.

New Supplies Cost Calculator

(NOTE: SoapMaker 3 now has this function built-in.)

This calculator shows the true cost of each item in a shipment you receive by allocating all the overhead costs proportionally. You can include costs like shipping, tax, and foreign exchange.

Use this to calculate your ingredient costs to enter into SoapMaker's database.

Download New Order Costs Calculator

Soap Block Cutting Calculator

Use this in conjunction with SoapMaker's Resize to fit Mold feature. For rectangular shaped molds, the spreadsheet will help you calculate the volume of each mold so you can define the mold in SoapMaker's Mold Specifications List.

Then you can Resize a recipe to fit a mold, enter the recipe's total weight into the spreadsheet, and try different ways to cut the block until you get the size and shape of bar you want.

Download Bar Cutting Calculator

Soap Mold and Display Designs

Here are designs for a soap mold and a soap display tray. We don't sell these items, but you're welcome to use the designs to make your own.

Soap Mold design

This is the soap mold design used by Brooke Valley Soap. If you're handy, or know someone who is, you're welcome to use this design.

Click the picture to see the details...

Soap Mould

Soap Display tray

These are the display trays we use for craft shows. You're welcome to use this design, or modify it to suit your products.

Click the picture to see the details...

Soap display tray

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